Specialist Applications

Zip-Clip Ltd is renowned for its unique problem solving solutions. Over the past decade we have designed and developed a range of systems tailored to overcome troublesome applications. With our highly trained technical managers and our extensive knowledge of the fixings market we can confidently design a solution for your requirements.

Internally Cladded Buildings

With the increasing number of internally cladded buildings being specified, finding a suitable anchor point is not always possible. Zip-Clip designed a solution for the Pirelli Tyre Distribution Centre in Burton-on-Trent by utilising a unique self tapping anchor which did not affect the integrity of the cladding.

Zip-Clip is able to provide special products, for many applications. Among others:

  • Seismic areas
  • Christmas decorations
  • Acoustic supports
  • Pest control
  • Museum Installations
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Retail Displays
  • Stainless Solutions
  • And many more...

Each drawing is tailored for specific needs. A unique number is attributed to each drawing, allowing ease of re-ordering and product continuity.

Specialist Support Brackets

Zip-Clip have developed a number of specialist brackets to enable the installer to suspend both HVAC and M & E services as quickly as possible. Zip-Clip designed these systems to not only speed up installations but to reduce the need for assembly on site. These support brackets can also be used in conjunction with modular designed systems.

Calculation Services

Zip-Clip are able to offer a free of charge drawing calculation service.

  1. 1. E-mail your drawing to
  2. 2. Our technical department will contact you with a few simple questions.
  3. 3. A full recommendation and quotation will follow. A unique project drawing number will be issued for reference.

The Zip-Clip Drawing Calculation Service is proving to be a big success with contractors.

On-Site Pull Tests

To add peace of mind to our already independently tested systems we offer an on-site pull test within the UK which will be validated and certified. With so many variants in concrete ( ie; flint, pebbles... ), this unique free service is very reassuring.

Further Assistance

If you require any further assistance please upload any document, photo, or drawing. Our technical team will be in touch to assist.

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